2019 Adult League Players -

As you are aware, we have extended the spring adult league into mid-June to accommodate the rainy spring season. In doing so, we will forego the summer season, as there won't be enough weeks to hold summer games. We will have a draw next Sunday for team positioning for the tournament final on June 16th at Oak Grove at 11:30 and 1:00, with the final game at 4:00. Thank you for your support of Centerville Rec Soccer!

Centerville Rec Soccer Board

The brackets are as follows for June 16 2019:

Game1 Jenson vs Ruhlman field OG 51 at 11:30 AM

Game2 Weidmaier vs Garman field OG 52 at 11:30 AM

Game3 (winner of Game1) vs Bender field OG 51 at 1:00 PM

Game4 (Winner of Game2) vs Bright field OG 52 at 1:00 PM

Game5 (winner of Game3) vs (Winner of Game4) field OG 51 at 4:00 PM