Frequently Asked Questions

Centerville Recreational Soccer League

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can my child play on a friend/neighbor/relative's team?
    1. We randomly roster teams, using only players' age and self-reported experience level as qualifying factors to create as fairly balanced teams as possible.As such, we are unable to accommodate special rostering requests, as doing so could create imbalanced teams and violate our fair and fun policy.Siblings living in the same household are the only exception.
    2. If you would like to have 2 players play on the same team, the parents are welcome to volunteer to coach together to keep those players on the same team.There are 2 coaches per team.

  2. Can my children play on the same team?
    1. If you have same-gender children in the same age division (or boy/girl siblings in U14 Coed), you may request that they be placed on the same team.A child in a younger division can play in the next higher age division with a sibling if a parent coaches the older child's team or if the younger child's date-of-birth is within 3 months of the higher division's cut-off date.Contact us at with such requests after registering both children.

  3. Can my child play for a specific coach?
    1. We randomly roster teams, using only players' age and self-reported experience level as qualifying factors to create as fairly balanced teams as possible.As such, we are unable to accommodate special rostering or coach requests, as doing so could create imbalanced teams and violate our fair and fun policy.

  4. Can I specify my child's practice day/time?
    1. Our program is entirely dependent on volunteer coaches and we allow each coach/coaching pair to choose the day, time and location of their weekly practice(s).Since teams are randomly rostered, we have no way of knowing in advance to which team/coach a child will be assigned.Once team rosters are distributed, coaches will contact their team parents with practice details.If your child's assigned practice presents an irreconcilable conflict, please contact us at with any requests to cancel registration.

  5. Can my child play up/down a division?
    1. Our age divisions utilize an August-July age calendar, which does not always sync up with school grade age calendars for those with summer birthdays.We realize the importance of children playing with and against their classmates/peers, so we allow your child to play up or down a division, upon request only, if his/her age is within 3 months of a division cut-off.Below are the standard age ranges and corresponding school grades for each division.If you would like your child to play in a different division, please contact us at with your request after registering your child.Our registration process will automatically assign your child based solely on date of birth; you must contact us to make any change.
    2. Players cannot play UP from U14 to high school at any time.You must be a high school player to participate in the high school rec program.



    U4 (Coed)














    U14+ (Coed)


    +U14 is through 8th grade; our HS program covers 9th-12th.

  6. My child is small for his age and/or is not competitive.Can he/she play in a younger division?
    1. We do now allow children to play "down" in younger divisions, unless his/her date of birth is within 3 months of that division's cutoff (as explained in question #5).As a Recreational program, we rely on our volunteer coaches to provide a fun and fair experience for all players, regardless of size, experience or physical ability.If your child has a disability that should be taken into consideration, please at contact us at

  7. My child plays select/club soccer; can he/she participate in your Recreational program?
    1. Centerville Recreational Soccer is available to any player not actively participating in a select/club/traveling program.If your child is a select "carded" player, he/she will not be permitted to participate in our program.This policy is designed to provide balanced teams and a fun and fair experience for developing players.

  8. Can my child play soccer with a cast or earrings?
    1. To ensure the safety of all players, we do not allow players to wear earrings during games.There are athletic plastic earrings that can be worn to not interrupt newer piercings.Earrings may be removed to make your child eligible to play, but cannot simply be covered or padded while remaining in place.This policy also applies to long hair with beads or similar decorations that could injure another player; such hair must be gathered up as to not create a hazard.Additionally, we will not allow any player with a cast of any kind (including wrapped or padded casts) to participate in games.It is up to the head referee, John McKeny as to whether a child with a splint or wrapped arm can participate in games.If an injury impacts a player's ability to participate in the season, please contact us to request a refund at reserve the right to decline a full refund depending on the circumstances of the request.

  9. Do I need prior coaching or soccer experience to coach a team?
    1. As a recreational program run by volunteers, our focus is primarily on fun and safety.As such, we require no previous experience from our volunteer coaches.If you have an interest in coaching your child's team, we encourage you to do so.We do require all coaches to indicate their coaching preference (head or assistant) in their child's online registration, complete the Risk Management Form (background check) and complete the online video-based Concussion Training Course.Links to those requirements are located in the Coaches Corner section of our website (

  10. Can I choose a coaching partner?
    1. In the Volunteer section of your child's online registration, you have an opportunity to designate your preference as a head or assistant coach, and there is a field to designate your desired coaching partner.If that other person designates you as his/her co-coach, then we will put the 2 of you together as a coaching pair.Otherwise, our division commissioners will contact those that volunteer to pair coaches.If you have no preference as to your coaching partner, we can and will assign one for you.There are only 2 coaches per team.

  11. As a coach, can I choose my team's practice day?
    1. One of the key benefits of serving as a volunteer coach is that you control your team's practice day/time/location.While many coaches will solicit input from team parents to find a practice day/time that works for most, that decision is ultimately up to you.If your family's weekly schedule is hectic and controlling the weekly soccer practice would be helpful, we encourage you to coach.

  12. What are the requirements for coaching?
    1. While neither soccer or coaching experience is required, we do require all coaches to indicate their coaching preference (head or assistant) in their child's online registration, complete the online Risk Management Form (background check) and complete the online video-based Concussion Training Course.Links to those last 2 requirements are located in the Coaches Corner section of our website ( must complete the RFM and Concussion Course before they will receive their team roster, as interaction with the children is not allowed prior to successful completion.

  13. When will I receive my team roster?
    1. Once you have completed the required Risk Management Form and Concussion Course (both available online in the Coaches Corner section of our website (, you will be eligible to receive your team roster.We strive to have rosters completed approximately 1 months prior to the start of the season, but various factors may delay that process.Your division commissioner will help set expectations on timing.

    14. As a coach, do I receive training or assistance?

    1. Prior to the start of the season, we offer a Coaches Training event, facilitated by our Technical Training staff, during which we review basic game rules while running through some demonstrations of basic practice drills.We are actively working on building an online database of coaching aids, including videos and practice agendas designed to assist new coaches.We will announce the date of the Coaches Training event as we draw closer to the start of the season.

    15. As a coach, do I receive any practice/game gear for my team?

    1. We offer Coaches Backpacks, available for a $20 refundable deposit, to each team.The bags contain practice pinnies (mesh jerseys), 24 field-marking cones, ball pump and needles, first aid kit and ice packs.The head or assistant coach my rent a bag (payment and signature is required) and will receive a refund upon return of the bag and all contents (except any medical supplies/ice packs used during the course of the season).Each team will automatically receive a mesh bag containing 2 soccer balls and a goalkeeper pinnie at no cost/deposit; these items are distributed along with the team uniforms (shirts/socks).These items are to be returned at the end of the season.Each coach will receive a coach t-shirt at the beginning of the season that is yours to keep.

    16. If I indicate that I want to coach, am I guaranteed a coaching spot?

    1. We cannot guarantee that every parent who volunteers to coach will be assigned to a coaching position. We form teams based on the number of children registered for each division, and those numbers change from season to season.As such, we have no way of knowing how many teams (and therefore how many coaches) will be needed while our registration period is still active.Our division commissioners will be actively working during that time to line up as many coaches as possible to ensure that we have a complete coaching staff available once the number of teams is finalized.This may result in some volunteers not being accepted; in those cases, we encourage you to offer your assistance to your child's coaches in any way they see fit, and to volunteer again for the next season.

    17. How do I register my child for an upcoming season?

    1. We offer online registrations and payments for each of our programs through our website ( the top right corner of our site, you will select either the Register button (if creating a brand new family account) or the Login button to access your existing account.For each child you register, all currently available programs (based on your child's age) will appear from which to choose.Once you have created a family account, you may conveniently access it to quickly and easily register for future programs.

    18. I have registered my child(ren); when do I hear from the coach or when do practices start?

    1. Once you have registered, you will receive an e-mail confirmation.Once the registration period closes, we then work to line up coaches and build teams.We strive to have this completed approximately one month prior to the first game.Once all teams are finalized, we distribute rosters to the coaches and ask them to reach out to all team parents at their earliest convenience.At that same point, you will receive an e-mail containing your child's roster and coaches contact information.If you have not heard from the coach within a few days of receiving the roster, you will the information necessary to contact him/her yourself to obtain details about the team's practice schedule. At any point you may log into your account and select the "My Account" tab to view the programs for which your child is registered; one he/she has been assigned to a team, the team number will appear in your child's profile.

19. How can I volunteer or join the board?

a. Any parent or family member are welcome to volunteer. Being a

volunteer means that you help with events and sometimes on weekends

at the shelter during games.

b. The Board is made up of members that volunteer as board of directors

of Centerville Rec Soccer. We are governed by a President/Director,

VP/Asst Director, Secretary and Treasurer. Initially board members are

introduced as associate members, (Non-voting) which requires a 1-year

commitment to the program. After the first year, you become a full

member with voting rights, and your children participate in the program

for free.

Board members generally oversee the running of the program, act as

commissioners for a division other than one their own child participates

in, help with the schedules, help oversee the fall tournament week, and

participate in weekly games and special events for the club.