BOOT Re/BOOT Program

The BOOT/ReBOOT Shoe Exchange Program

Drop off and Exchange

Every other week of regular games at the Noon Optimists Shelter

Please check and see if you have any gently used cleats, shin guards, or goalie gloves you'd like to share

We are in desperate need of larger shoes and shin guards!

Kid's feet grow fast and it's hard to keep up with a proper fitting pair of BOOT's. Before your BOOT's ("cleats") show much wear, it's time to get a new pair. The BOOT/ReBOOT Shoe Exchange Program is designed to assist parents in obtaining the proper size soccer cleats with recycling a pair of gently used BOOT's.

If you have extra BOOT's laying around, stop by on Saturday morning and drop them off. We will gladly accept any gently used shoes and shin guards. Thank you to everyone who has made this a successful program!