High School Program
Our High School Coed recreational soccer program is designed to provide an opportunity for young adults in grades 9 – 12 to play and enjoy the game of soccer in a safe, healthy, and social environment. Players are NOT allowed to play up from middle school into this division because of safety and liability. Nor are players allowed to play down into U14 from high school. This program IS NOT open to any child who is participating in an organized competitive (select), club soccer program or playing for a high school soccer team. Games are played on Sunday afternoons at Oak Grove Park.

Players can coordinate with their friends to create their own coed teams, or register individually to be assigned to a team at random. To create a team, designate a coach and team captain and have each player register to play, and name the coach or team captain in their registration. We cannot guarantee that all players will be on the team they requested, because we have to maintain boy/girl ratios per league rules.

Use of excessive force, foul language, bullying or deliberately trying to inflict harm on anyone is grounds for removal from play, up to ejection from the program. We will not tolerate unwelcome behavior or language; the object is to have fun playing soccer with your friends.

It is up to the referees discretion to issue yellow or red cards, or eject players for inappropriate behavior or language. At no time is cussing at a referee going to be tolerated.

NOTE: There will be a $10 charge for all non-resident of Centerville/Washington Township residents. This is CPWD policy.